As of 2017, the COLLECTIVE is now definitively made up of a number of our long-time supporters, performers, and collaborators who are dedicated to supporting each other, to furthering Caribbean culture and to the larger DCC mission.

These DCC Lead Artists contribute to the COLLECTIVE through leading and designing our programming, workshops, and performances. The DCC Powerhouse manages the behind the scenes administration, marketing, production, and documentation.

These COLLECTIVE members get first priority on presenting, teaching and publicity opportunities in addition to being the focal point of our marketing. Other perqs to being #downwithdcc can include honoraria, discounted classes, referrals, opportunity sharing and mentorship.

Candace Thompson – Founding Executive Director
Candace Thompson is a dancer, choreographer and performer from Trinidad and Tabago. Candace is a graduate of Adelphi University and the founder of Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE. She is fluent in many dance styles – Modern, Contemporary, Caribbean Diasporic, and Soca Dance. She currently performs with Renegade Performance Group, Sydnie L. Mosley Dances, Areytos Performance Works, and her own work ContempoCaribe.

DCC Lead Artists

A’Keitha Carey – Community Project Scholar/Writer
Alicia Dellimore – Management Assistant
Brittany Williams – Community Project Assistant
Candace Thompson – Founding Director
Jessica St.Vil-Ulysses – Educational Partnerships
Joya Powell – Artist Development
Marguerite Hemmings – Lead on DCC Town Hall
Maxine Montilus – Development Team
Michele Baer – Projects Advisor/ Lead on DCC Town Hall
Rachel Watts – BKSD Residency Coordinator
Shola Roberts – DCC/WIADCA Youth Project Lead
Safi Harriott – Programming Co-Director, Brooklyn College Residency Coordinator
Valerie Mcleod-Katz – DCC Organizational Mentor + DCC/WIADCA Youth Project


Tanaya Thomas – Marketing Lead
Yusha Sorzano – Marketing Assistant
Sophia Singh – Development Team
Ellen Maynard – Media Team
Alisun Dellimore – Media Team
Andre Zachery – Tech Director
Ilana Warner – Communications Lead

Advisory Council: A. Nia-Austin Edwards, Sita Frederick, Valerie Katz, Paloma McGregor, Sydnie Mosley, Charmaine Warren