Dance Caribbean Collective

is an organization dedicated to facilitating Caribbean Dance works, performances and cultural experiences in the Caribbean Diaspora with a focus on Brooklyn, NY.

is run by (DCC) Lead Artists who lead and design the programming, workshops and performances, and the (DCC) Powerhouse that does the behind the scenes administration.

As part of our mission, we produce performances, hold public classes and community events, develop educational programming and provide online resources for both artists and audiences. We work collectively to create space for connection, community building and learning, centered around Caribbean Dance and culture. 

DCC supports Caribbean cultural practitioners – Through a collective model, we facilitate connections and collaboration between peer artists, share   resources and create platforms to present dance and performance.

DCC serves the Caribbean diaspora community – Through our innovative programming and content, we cultivate audiences’ appreciation for both contemporary and traditional dance, we reflect our cultural experiences and traditions on stage, we offer students opportunities to reconnect to their cultural roots, and we provide space to address the issues facing our communities.

DCC connects with wider dance audiences – Across all our platforms, we provide a place for the wider public to connect to Caribbean culture, boosting the visibility of our diverse forms, and cultivating new informed audiences.