Dance Caribbean Collective in the Press

All Ah We is One Family
Audience Review | June 12, 2016

“…this work merits accolades and support from the community and funders/donors alike because it provides African Diasporic folk with a sense of “facing home” in spaces that are becoming non-existent and futile. Her work affords us an opportunity identify and survive.” Read more

Dance Your Caribbean New Traditions Festival – A #CAHM Event in NYC
by Mikelah | June 6, 2016

“Dance and movement is such a big part of how many of us identify. All of our major festivals and celebrations involve movement – Carnival, Jouvay, Dancehall, Wakes, Orisha rituals, Mashramani, Junkanoo, Parang the list goes on. ” Read more

Dance Caribbean Collective Strengthens “New Traditions” with second annual Festival

by Katherine Bergstrom
June 2, 2016

“…the New Traditions Festival [highlights] those artists who are working at the crux of several intersecting identities, melding the heritage and history of their families’ Caribbean communities with their experiences in the U.S. to unpack the social politics of the Caribbean-American experience through dance. ” Read more

Five on the Black Hand Side / Dapline!
by Jaime Shearn Coan | Sept. 8, 2015

“[The] effect of these parallel narratives placed side by side is that Thompson evokes a representation of femininity as binding and precarious, while Young appears at ease in a more androgynous mode of expression…” Read more

Caribbean Dance Artists Step Forward
by Eva Yaa Asantewaa | July 22, 2015

“For me, it’s still contemporary dance. It’s just coming from where I come from, from my background, my nationality… For some reason it gets separated from contemporary dance because it has this diasporic angle… Why can’t that work be alongside any other work?” Read more

by Alley Olivier | June 10, 2015

“Exploring the dimensions of what contributes in shaping our identities while managing the influence of Caribbean heritage – whether native or a descendant – Candace Thompson aims to push those conversations through dance…” Read more

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