The New Traditions Festival

is a series of performances happening during June in Brooklyn NY, in celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month. A full pre-festival season of public events  including talks, dance classes, film screenings etc lead up the festival performance weekend. For the participating choreographers, we provide a residency and mentorship program to aid in the development of their work, and the culminating performance festival featuring their pieces. Get tickets today for New Traditions 2017!

Davalois Fearon – Consider Water – New Traditions 2015

The New Traditions Festival presents dance performances geared towards the concert dance stage that explore our traditions and culture, from a fresh perspective. It is a space for choreographers to explore Caribbean identities, stories and collective experiences through a contemporary dance lens. Our goal is to center dance making as an essential part of cultural heritage and retention and to support dancers, choreographers and practitioners that are leading the charge.

The Artist Residency

A program designed to support the New Traditions artists through their artistic journey, providing access to rehearsal space, mentorship, peer feedback and ultimately engagement with West Indian audiences in NYC.

2016 Resident Artists

The Masterclass Series

A series of intensive workshops for professional dancers, featuring Caribbean Contemporary Dance techniques currently under-represented in NYC and repertory classes with choreographers featured in the festival.

2016 Masterclass

The Culminating Performance

A three night showing of the work produced by New Traditions choreographers, investigating Caribbean traditions and narratives on the concert stage dance.

2016 Culminating Performance

New Traditions 2015 Post-show Discussion moderated by Paul Pryce (Beatrice Capote, Davalois Fearon, Shola Roberts, Alicia Dellimore)